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Taking the Next Step

July 2018 is going to be a big for Everything's Magnificent. I'm taking a huge first step to what I believe God has been leading me towards for a while. FIRST: Tomorrow, (July 4th) I am a guest interviewer on the Saved AND Woke Podcast interviewing Juan "Mr. Saved and Woke" Tuset on who he is,… Continue reading Taking the Next Step

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The Good News: Games Done Quick

Video games has become one of the most profitable industries in the world since Nintendo revived the market back in 1983. Gaming channels make up more than 15% of all content on YouTube. I love video games. Without god-like skill, I am better than average but not competitive level at all but I was blown away… Continue reading The Good News: Games Done Quick

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Learning from Social Media Addiction

Dopamine: the literal reason for all your pain and joy. Dopamine is released whenever you feel pleasure. That peace of candy, the gratification of hitting a last second shot, the happy feeling of falling in love are all made possible by Dopamine. Your brain loves the stuff so much that it physically hurts to be without… Continue reading Learning from Social Media Addiction