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Finding Peace within Creativity

If we are ALL made in God's image, I have unlimited, wonderful, and peculiar creations just waiting to have life breathed into them.

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My Writing Charge from God

Being up to 121 posts since the relaunch of Everything's Magnificent leaves a great feeling. This is one of the few times in my life where I set out to do something and truly made it a part of who I am. I have created content, branding, and a new direction for my life to head… Continue reading My Writing Charge from God


Reader’s Choice: Write Music Again

I already talked about my aspirations with music with Top of the Bucket List: Pick up some Instruments but today I want to go a little deeper. I want to talk about the music I love and finding out how to create again. How do you go back to an old love? Today's post was once again suggested… Continue reading Reader’s Choice: Write Music Again