Too “Woke” For Your Own Good

Welcome back for another Woke Wednesday with the Current Season of the Saved and Woke Podcast: Season 2 Episode 4 - Too Woke For Your Own Good. Check it out

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Church and State

Isaiah 9:6 says that the government will be on Jesus' shoulders, but how do we reconcile that in a country and an age that vehemently defends the exclusivity of the two?


Meeting of the Mister’s Pt. 2

For all those that have been enjoying my friend, Juan "Mr. Saved AND Woke" Tuset's podcast and/or more specifically, my interviewing of him, please check out the conclusion of the season premiere of Saved AND Woke. If you haven't checked out the first one, Saved AND Woke – Season 2 Episode 1: Meeting of the Misters go… Continue reading Meeting of the Mister’s Pt. 2

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Meeting of the Misters Pt.1 AFTERTHOUGHTS

Happy Birthday to Me!! Today, while I'm probably basking in the sun, next to a pool. Mr. Saved AND Woke released the first set of #AfterThoughts. After Thoughts are the post-pod reflections about things mentioned in the podcast. If you haven't hear part one, please listen here. This episode: MSW, clarifies some talking points from… Continue reading Meeting of the Misters Pt.1 AFTERTHOUGHTS