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Loving Spirit: D.R.A.M. – Cute

Big Baby D.R.A.M. is back again with another fun video that truly left me smiling at the end. He dropped this on Valentine's and it is perfect for the job. Cute - D.R.A.M. I've already said multiple times how much I am a fan of the man D.R.A.M. here and here. The Cute video found a way… Continue reading Loving Spirit: D.R.A.M. – Cute

Magnificent Musings, Writings

The Good News: Obama’s Freedom

Today's good news comes from literally every news outlet imaginable. 44th President Barack Obama has finished up his term and is actually living his life. We rarely see photos of former presidents outside of former presidential duties and I wanted to just save his obvious joy of no longer being President. Being the fifth youngest… Continue reading The Good News: Obama’s Freedom

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In Honor of Martin

In honor of Martin Luther King's Birthday, I wanted to write something about MLK's legacy. I found myself at a lost for words from the mere scope of who he was as a man. So much can be said about his legacy and even the way his legacy has been used since his death. Many… Continue reading In Honor of Martin


Interesting Watch #1: What Successful People Do In The Morning

So, even though I don't post everyday, I am always reading something new to improve myself, I always suggest the same. Here is a video from Business Insider that supported one of my Secrets of A Successful Man posts from a few weeks ago. What Successful People Do Before Breakfast AND  I added an additional… Continue reading Interesting Watch #1: What Successful People Do In The Morning


Illdoctrine Repost: MLK on Extremism

Jay Smooth happens to be one of my favorite Radio hosts and video bloggers. He always has pretty insightful comments and also spends a good amount of time talking about one of my favorite topics, hip-hop, and one of the topics I am most ignorant of, politics. It's good to learn. Check him out at… Continue reading Illdoctrine Repost: MLK on Extremism