Level Up Your Faith

What LEVEL are you on?

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The Reason for Brotherhood (or Sisterhood)

For years I never had male friends. I went through my adolescence with only one male friend and everything else revolved around my girlfriend at the time. I didn’t know the importance of a brother, someone who you connect with for no other reason but for their existence.

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Theme of 2017: The Listener

Each year, instead of resolutions, I have started to have overarching themes for myself. These are concepts that I want to develop throughout the year to become a better me. The past year was dedicated to faith and trusting God. My theme for 2017 is to listen. Continue reading “Theme of 2017: The Listener”

Next on the Bucket List: Be Continuously Autodidactic


I’ve had an interesting time and relationship with school. I love the atmosphere. I love the people. I love the concept, but I never seem to have enough time to do everything I need. I would try an sit in the library after finally finding the one book that felt right and it would be time  to go to the next class. I would also try to speed through my lessons and to get a chance to read. I would only read a couple pages and then I would have to leave it behind.  Continue reading “Next on the Bucket List: Be Continuously Autodidactic”

Thankful for the Day


I am thankful for today. I am thankful for the yesterdays that taught me lessons. I am thankful for tomorrows that will bring me wisdom. I am thankful for the people I don’t know yet. I am thankful for the loves that haven’t engrained their mark in my heart and the ones that did. I am thankful for the past and everything that shaped me into who I am today. I am thankful for my ancestors that paved my way. Continue reading “Thankful for the Day”

Maturity Sneaks Up On You

maturity-is-not-measured-by-ageIt’s interesting how certain habits and traits start to sneak up on you. The older I’ve gotten, the more I have gone from sleeping in every Saturday Morning from partying every Friday Night, to waking up Saturdays with a purpose. Not like I still get ANYTHING done on Saturdays, but it’s a start. It’s progress. Continue reading “Maturity Sneaks Up On You”

Today’s Post: Coexistence with God

Not Ashamed

Today, I wanted to write about something very personal to me. Yet, it’s very opinionated so I decided to put it on my second home, The Classroom. Just like academia is a home for liberal thought*, The Classroom is where I talk about all things culture, art, music, philosophy, religion, relationships, and random musings. It’s a relatively new outlet so share, like, and comment if you like.

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Black & Depressed Pt. 2

This is part 2 of a series. If you have not read the first one. Please catch up here.This is dedicated to anyone struggling with mental health issues. This is my story. You are not alone. Don’t give up!


NOTE: I am not a mental health expert. I spent years studying psychology but abnormal psychology was not my focus. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please see a mental health expert.

Before going into Delivered from DistractionI neglected a part of my story. I didn’t cover cover in my foray into prescribed medication. I was not an easy decision. I was scared. My mother had problems with drugs at one point and I was scared to follow down those footsteps. We spend the majority of our lives either walking in the pathway our parents left or avoiding it. The combination of half of my family “not believing” in depression and the other half worrying I’d get addicted to mood enhancers made me feel that the only way to find a solution was to seek it out myself. Continue reading “Black & Depressed Pt. 2”

Black & Depressed Pt. 1

This post is dedicated to each person struggling with depression. You are not alone and don’t give up.


NOTE: First and foremost, I want to make clear that I am not a mental health expert. I spent years studying psychology but abnormal psychology was not my main focus. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please see a mental health expert.

I’ve struggled greatly with mental issues.  Growing up in the Black community, depression did not exist. If I told my family that I was depressed, it was equated to sadness and quickly dismissed. Now, when I was young, I had no clue about depression. I dealt with old girlfriends that suffered with depression but were more bipolar than depressed. I could see the manic periods followed by depressed periods. I could tell the difference because I knew how they were contrast. This often made it hard to look at myself. I decided that what I struggled with was not depressive enough. Continue reading “Black & Depressed Pt. 1”

Wii U and Nintendo Success Plan (Without the NX)

Some of my favorite silhouettes in gaming.
Some of my favorite silhouettes in gaming.

Nintendo has always been my first love. I remember the mystery of discovering Mewtwo and going to school the next day telling everyone I saw. I remember the hours in a dark room with my best friend and his little brother playing smash brothers until 2am. The hours playing Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda, over the years has extended far into my adulthood. I remember spending my last few birthday dollars buying the Wii just for Skyward Sword. Most people have memories of Nintendo, the question is, should Nintendo continue to live in the past or move forward? Continue reading “Wii U and Nintendo Success Plan (Without the NX)”