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Change is for the Better (Brief Update)

I haven't posted consistently in a couple months as my life has more seismic changes. I entering my final year of graduate school with MUCH to do and so many new opportunities arising. I'm scared, excited, and so tired at the moment. I must push on! The most important update is the blog. I am… Continue reading Change is for the Better (Brief Update)

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Brief Update

I've been working on my spirituality and my relationship with God over the past few months. Learning about Him and how to trust Him with my life. In the process, I have decided to make more changes with Everything's Magnificent. I am going to dedicate one day a week to working out my meditations on… Continue reading Brief Update

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Update: New Name & Daily Posts

I've seen massive growth in my writing over the last three months. Today marks me trying to add something new to Everything's Magnificent and I would ANY and EVERYONE's input.   First and foremost, the blog's name has changed. Instead of Mind of the Magnificent, it is now Everything's Magnificent. This change was to make the blog… Continue reading Update: New Name & Daily Posts