A Woman’s Worth

Where is the fine line between a woman dressing classy vs trashy?

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Reader’s Choice: Male view on Women’s Hair

Today’s post goes out to the lovely Mikeala R., a co-worker from my summer job and an all around amazing poet. She’s asked me about men’s opinions on women’s hair. Hair on their head, brought or grown, body, etc., So, I decided to tackle this question for the culture. Let’s get into it!

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Wii U and Nintendo Success Plan (Without the NX)

Some of my favorite silhouettes in gaming.
Some of my favorite silhouettes in gaming.

Nintendo has always been my first love. I remember the mystery of discovering Mewtwo and going to school the next day telling everyone I saw. I remember the hours in a dark room with my best friend and his little brother playing smash brothers until 2am. The hours playing Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda, over the years has extended far into my adulthood. I remember spending my last few birthday dollars buying the Wii just for Skyward Sword. Most people have memories of Nintendo, the question is, should Nintendo continue to live in the past or move forward? Continue reading “Wii U and Nintendo Success Plan (Without the NX)”