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Newness on the Way!

Hello Everyone! I apologize for my absence over the past couple days but I come baring good news! I am back with positive news over this past weekend. I went down to Florida for the One God United - Spoken Revolution Weekend and came back with some powerful connections that will be changing Everything's Magnificent in… Continue reading Newness on the Way!

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Meaningless Midnight Musings #1

I've been thinking about ways to really share my thoughts outside of the larger, more complex posts. As a bit of fun and randomness, here are 25 random thoughts I've had in the last month. Enjoy. I wonder how living in Alaska with two months of continuous daylight feels. I hate doing anything but Math… Continue reading Meaningless Midnight Musings #1

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Taking A Day Off – Sharing a Laugh

Today was the beginning of my new position, it was filled with orientations and side appointments. I even moved into the dorms and will be living on a XL Twin bed for the next 10-12 weeks. Yippee!!🙃  So today, while I plan the rest of the week, I'll take off to get my head on right.… Continue reading Taking A Day Off – Sharing a Laugh

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More Thoughts on Shine: Wale on Everyday Struggle

If I haven't said it on here, I am notably a fan of Joe Budden. I am an avid listener to his podcast and music. His antics outside of rap, I leave that for others to decide but I've seriously enjoyed his new day job on Complex News' Everyday Struggle. Budden joins DJ Akademiks and… Continue reading More Thoughts on Shine: Wale on Everyday Struggle

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More Life (Album Reflection)

For those wondering, the difference between an album REFLECTION and an album REVIEW deals with the content of the writing for my break down. Reflections typically will cover general thoughts about songs but more about the artist's trajectory or feelings the album left me. Reviews typically will be song by song breakdowns. Now, "More tune for… Continue reading More Life (Album Reflection)

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War Room (Movie Reflection)

As a subtle but not so subtle transition, I spoke about all types of relationships except the one that is most important to me, God. All this week is inspired by my exploration of my relationship with God. I wasn't able to see The Shack yet, so let's talk about a surprise enjoyment, War Room instead. War Room Trailer:… Continue reading War Room (Movie Reflection)

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The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known as Cee-Lo Green, has to be one of the most talented, ridiculous, and hilarious minds in music. He's grown from a member of Goodie Mob, to developing a smash solo career, and becoming a massive success with producer Danger Mouse, as Gnarls Barkley. At this point in his career he truly… Continue reading The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl

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The Good News: New Jersey gives free baby boxes

After having a tough yesterday and really feeling defeated. I talked to some loved ones that helped me grasp staying sane until it's my time to give back. To combat the negativity we constantly see in news, I decided to occasionally look for positive stories and share them with you all. Today's Good News: The… Continue reading The Good News: New Jersey gives free baby boxes

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Moana, family, and leaving home

I saw Disney's Moana today and cried. If you have not seen it yet, I recommend a good Google search, dollar theater, or getting it the moment it comes to a Red Box near you. It was everything I possibly could have hoped for from a modern Disney movie and more. It had a more… Continue reading Moana, family, and leaving home

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Reader’s Choice: What now? (Inauguration Day) Pt.2

This is part 2 of my response to my friend China (@stylerepublik on Snap and IG) and her thoughts on what are we going to do now that Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom are running the United States. See part one here. SR:Are we going to challenge ourselves to be better? Are we going… Continue reading Reader’s Choice: What now? (Inauguration Day) Pt.2