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Live and Let Love

Would the best expression of love just be "Live and Let Live"?

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Love like God

Today, I wanted to talk about the first and honestly the most important concept in the Bible: Love. The Bible is a love story. A story of love at first sight. Often, when we hear love, we think primarily of romantic love, but the first love most experience comes from their parents. God's love is… Continue reading Love like God


Completing the Bible

It feels good to be back and I am so excited for the changes that should be happening in the future for Everything's Magnificent. I plan to be back on my daily writing plan and all is right in the world as I head towards my final year as a graduate student at UNC. On… Continue reading Completing the Bible


My Personal Resurrection on the Sunday

Today was a weird day. I woke up hurting but happy it was Sunday. I wished Twitter a Happy Resurrection Sunday and was met with some unusual resistance. This interaction devolved into me defending why I am a Christian after the history of using Christianity to enslave and subvert my people. Why did I choose… Continue reading My Personal Resurrection on the Sunday


Love God/Love Others

In conjunction to yesterday's post about Religion versus Gospel, I recently have been reflecting about God's messages in the Bible. I find it amazing how we tend to pick and choose what about God we want to make law and what to ignore. I've seen some really condescending responses about how God outlawed cutting your hair, piercings,… Continue reading Love God/Love Others