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You can't create a strong future without a sturdy foundation.

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Plan of Action – Family

In the midst of the increasingly chaotic and toxic world, I've been really trying to think about my plans of action in a positive manner. Plan of Action – Education spoke on the misconceptions we have on proper education and new ways to think. I want to propose a new way to think about family. For this… Continue reading Plan of Action – Family

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Letter to President Obama

In honor of the 44th President of the United States and his farewell address, I pen this letter to him. Dear President Barack Obama, As you just finished your farewell speech, I struggle with your leaving office. Without me ever actually meeting you, you have managed to inspire me so profoundly that I am crying… Continue reading Letter to President Obama


Don’t walk in their footsteps, Be better.

I never thought I needed to write a post like this but I talked to two young men today that have been wrecked by poor decisions on their parents behalf. One gentleman found out that he had a sister that he used to play with as kids, but didn't know she was he actual sister until… Continue reading Don’t walk in their footsteps, Be better.