Movement Monday

What’s your testimony?

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Favorite Albums 2016: Coloring Book

This is definitely the customary favorite album of the year post but I could find 1,000 albums this year that were impeccable. Musicality and execution are some of the many things are easy to compare. But, at the end of the day, music is subjective. So, I am not going to hide my bias. I’m going to tell you WHY Coloring Book is my favorite project of the year. Continue reading “Favorite Albums 2016: Coloring Book”

Kanye West’s Minimalist Work Allows Fan Freedom

I couldn't deal with the level of blasphemy from some of the possible album covers.
The Album of the year is a black CD from Best Buy.

So, as the weekend comes to a close, the inevitable Yeezus leak has sprung. We’ve seen it before with Kanye’s previous albums, many internet/fan artists coming forward, claiming to be the official art. But, this time it is a whole site dedicated to Yeezus art. Yeezy Graffiti. Check out some of my favorites, or least favorites below. Continue reading “Kanye West’s Minimalist Work Allows Fan Freedom”

This Rise of the Internet Critic

MusicHeadFirst of all, this picture >>>>>>>>>>>> most albums that have been released this year.

Anyway, now that we are completely and undoubtingly in the digital age where music is consumed in a fraction of the time it takes to read the menu at McDonald’s, the music industry is stuck trying to discover a model that works.  Continue reading “This Rise of the Internet Critic”