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Woke and Weary

We are getting up there in season 1 of Saved AND Woke podcast. Here's episode 7: Woke and Weary "Ever wished you could just watch some TV without being infuriated by the underlying offensive messages and oppressive propaganda?  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and hopeless about confronting the darkness in the world? Do you ever… Continue reading Woke and Weary

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Christian Values…

Welcome back for more season 1 of Saved AND Woke podcast Episode 6: Christian Values... "It seems like a sure-fire way to get the support and admiration of Christians these days is to talk about or express support for "Christian Values", but what's the big deal? Are Christian values all that important. Should believers flock… Continue reading Christian Values…

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MLK’s Big Mistake

More of Season 1 of Saved AND Woke podcast Episode 5: MLK's Big Mistake "Martin Luther King, Jr. was undoubtedly the greatest civil rights advocate and organizer in our nation's history. He was also a believer. With that in mind, it could be (and should be) noted that there was a crucial flaw in his… Continue reading MLK’s Big Mistake

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The “Problems” with Christianity

Today is another flashback of Season 1 of Saved AND Woke podcast Episode 4: The "Problems" with Christianity. "Many have a favorable view of Jesus of Nazareth but struggle to accept him as Jesus Christ, citing many serious ideological and even practical problems with Christianity as a religion. In this episode, we go through a… Continue reading The “Problems” with Christianity

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Living Saved AND Woke (In Strictly Christian Places)

Today, We're going back into time to Season 1 of Saved AND Woke podcast Episode 2. "Many socially conscious believers know the confusion and inner turmoil that arises after finding out that their Christian friends and loved ones share (or are sympathetic) to many beliefs, opinions, and ideologies that have laid the foundation for the… Continue reading Living Saved AND Woke (In Strictly Christian Places)


Meeting of the Mister’s Pt. 2

For all those that have been enjoying my friend, Juan "Mr. Saved AND Woke" Tuset's podcast and/or more specifically, my interviewing of him, please check out the conclusion of the season premiere of Saved AND Woke. If you haven't checked out the first one, Saved AND Woke – Season 2 Episode 1: Meeting of the Misters go… Continue reading Meeting of the Mister’s Pt. 2