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He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not Part 2

He said, “Your different and special in every way imaginable. I want you Christina, I want ALL of you not just bit and pieces like you give everyone else.” My stomach DROPPED...I sat in silence. In the past I struggled with allowing people to love me. He won't be faithful. I'm not good enough. Can I be enough for just ONE person? He spent all this time trying… Continue reading He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not Part 2

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Reader’s Choice: Quantity over Quality

Today's Post is dedicated to a close friend of mine, the lovely and brilliant Racquel @rockyreasons. She spends most of her time saving the world, one student application at a time and has been pushing me to stay dedicated to writing in the midst of PhD awesomeness. Follow her! Everyone has a skill. Everyone has… Continue reading Reader’s Choice: Quantity over Quality

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Next on the Bucket List: Be Continuously Autodidactic

I've had an interesting time and relationship with school. I love the atmosphere. I love the people. I love the concept, but I never seem to have enough time to do everything I need. I would try an sit in the library after finally finding the one book that felt right and it would be… Continue reading Next on the Bucket List: Be Continuously Autodidactic

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Today’s Post: Coexistence with God

Today, I wanted to write about something very personal to me. Yet, it's very opinionated so I decided to put it on my second home, The Classroom. Just like academia is a home for liberal thought*, The Classroom is where I talk about all things culture, art, music, philosophy, religion, relationships, and random musings. It's… Continue reading Today’s Post: Coexistence with God

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Interesting Read #1: 8 Quotes to Get You On The Path to Success

Every day, I have a list of like ten or fifteen sites I look at daily for news, music, inspiration or ideas about life. This particular article I stumbled upon really made me think and decide to continue to work on some things with my life. I just wanted to share. 8 Quotes that will help… Continue reading Interesting Read #1: 8 Quotes to Get You On The Path to Success