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Mobilizing a Plan: Starting a Book Club

A few weeks ago, my friend @stylerepublik (ig/snapchat) was telling me about her wanting to start doing something tangible to affect her community. She recently has been putting a lot of thought into improving literacy and exposure to great works. She wants to start a book club and here's the thinking where you can start… Continue reading Mobilizing a Plan: Starting a Book Club

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Theme of 2017: The Listener

Each year, instead of resolutions, I have started to have overarching themes for myself. These are concepts that I want to develop throughout the year to become a better me. The past year was dedicated to faith and trusting God. My theme for 2017 is to listen. There are thousands of books written about speaking,… Continue reading Theme of 2017: The Listener

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Reader’s Choice – Change: The Most Dangerous Drug

  I'd like to say a quick thank you to @Unkle_Willi on Twitter for giving me a good topic to touch on today. Follow him, he's super inspirational and a member of the GREATEST FRATERNITY ON EARTHâ„¢. They say the only thing constant in life is change. I think that is only partially true. Especially… Continue reading Reader’s Choice – Change: The Most Dangerous Drug

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Healing Journey

Ever since my grandmother's homecoming, I've been trying to put myself outside of my comfort zone. I've traveled to LA, Philly, Chicago, Nashville and most recently, Atlanta, in the search of self. These traveling experiences have been so vital to my personal growth that a part of me wishes I would have taken these trips… Continue reading Healing Journey

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Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It

In the past two weeks, I feel like I have come under many challenges but have evolved more as a person then I ever had. I felt something simple speak to me on what I can and should do with my life. in that process, I've decided to share a couple thoughts and the seeds… Continue reading Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It

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Quote of the Day 5: Measure of a Man

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others. In dangerous valleys and hazardous pathways, he will lift some… Continue reading Quote of the Day 5: Measure of a Man

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7 New Years/New Start Resolutions

From Christmas until New Years, I will talk about a resolution I plan to pick up, how I plan to do it and the purpose of doing it. It's hard making a lasting change on the world, if you don't take the steps to change yourself some. So, to start me off with this blogging… Continue reading 7 New Years/New Start Resolutions