Ultimate Wishes for Changing America Pt. 1

Yesterday I wrote about Religious Bystanders in Politics and racked my brain thinking of the different fields that need immediate change. Last week, a close friend asked me if I had the power to make anything I say come true without consequence, what would I do?

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Bucket List: Speak at TED

A blend of excitement and nervousness sits in your stomach. Your mouth is dry and the lights are hot. It’s a packed room of hundreds looking on to your every move. Years of research and a lifetime of dreams now are going to be judged by the world. Is it ready for what you have to say?

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Time Lost

In the midst of the political turmoil, 24-hour news cycles, social media rants, and 60-hour work weeks, it’s extremely difficult finding time to focus on anything except what you have to do next. We always have something to do. We spend countless hours working, making money, and  inevitably living for someone else.  Continue reading “Time Lost”

What are you doing to Today to prepare for your Tomorrow?

I was talking to one of my best friends a few days back and he brought up the idea of preparing for the future. We consistently talk about laying foundations for our futures. This thinking manifests in our hobbies, careers, interpersonal relationships, clothes, and habits. Eventually we ended on grand scale thinking, legacy, and what they can do to change the world around us. Then a question came up: what have you done today to better prepare you for your tomorrow? Continue reading “What are you doing to Today to prepare for your Tomorrow?”

Reader’s Choice – Change: The Most Dangerous Drug


I’d like to say a quick thank you to @Unkle_Willi on Twitter for giving me a good topic to touch on today. Follow him, he’s super inspirational and a member of the GREATEST FRATERNITY ON EARTH™.

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Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It

Two Simple Words
Two Simple Words

In the past two weeks, I feel like I have come under many challenges but have evolved more as a person then I ever had. I felt something simple speak to me on what I can and should do with my life. in that process, I’ve decided to share a couple thoughts and the seeds of my new venture. Continue reading “Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It”

Greatness Ahead



Today, I had planned to post probably three different posts but this one motivated me to write and I decided to share. This will hopefully allow me to go deeper and give more into my writing. For the record. I love comic books. I love the color, the art, the different story-lines and the vivid detail put into each panel. I love how the stories can be so engrossing and vast while still managing to connect on some level to the most basic of lifestyle. In fact, my best friend and I worked on a comic all throughout high school that I still keep today. Today’s inspiration comes from a panel of DC Comic’s Action Comics Issue 6 , which contains my favorite comic superhero of all time, Superman.

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Halcyon Days: Dreams and the Dreamgiver

Dreams and Dream Giver

As a little throwback and gift for visiting my new page. I’ll share what’s on my iPod. For anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE music-head. I perform covers, originals and have been working with bands since 2008. So, I went through a very dark point in my life in 2010 and here is a mix that came out of it. Very uplifting, very soulful and 100% how I felt.

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A Call to Excellence (My Return)

Well, what's on the right? Hmmm...
Well, what’s on the right? Hmmm…

I haven’t written anything here in six weeks. I apologize for my absence, but in the process of New Years Resolutions was a truly new start in me returning to school after a too long hiatus.

Over this past month and a half, I have been regaining confidence in my abilities to perform and more importantly, I have been on a path to discover myself. I have been taking classes and succeeding in them. As it stands today, I have 3.2 average in my classes with the majority of B’s so close to becoming A’s that I played an OutKast song, they would push me to 4.0 status.

Needless to say, I am proud of my start, but I am not at all happy with my results. Yes, I am passing, but I am not living up to my potential. Looking back, all those assignments I got B’s on could have been A’s if I would have done everything on time and been prepared like I should. Too many moments comprised of lack of focus and lethargy. So, I am saying this not to be looking down but to be looking forward with even more determination than I have now.

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