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Taking A Day Off – Sharing a Laugh

Today was the beginning of my new position, it was filled with orientations and side appointments. I even moved into the dorms and will be living on a XL Twin bed for the next 10-12 weeks. Yippee!!🙃  So today, while I plan the rest of the week, I'll take off to get my head on right.… Continue reading Taking A Day Off – Sharing a Laugh


Comics for my Daughter

After two letters to my daughter and one towards black women, I really spent a lot of time thinking about what young women go through in our world. How can I prepare my daughter or at least make her feel as powerful as I believe she can be? Who do girls look up to and… Continue reading Comics for my Daughter

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Reader’s Choice: The Lego Batman Movie – The Best Batman Movie in Years

We live in an era where every movie and franchise through time is being given a gritty reboot, shot completely in shades of black, teal, and orange with shaky cam and lens flare. The series that started this change has now taken a new form, Legos, and the Dark Knight rises again!! [Note: This post… Continue reading Reader’s Choice: The Lego Batman Movie – The Best Batman Movie in Years

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Failed Flight Home

Hello everyone, After having my flight delayed three times until it was impossible for me to make it home before 1am, (Thanks Delta) I have decided to take tonight off and post tomorrow. I will say it surprises me that Atlanta REALLY shuts down after snow. For once, Chicago is snowless while the south is trying… Continue reading Failed Flight Home