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The Good News: Games Done Quick

Video games has become one of the most profitable industries in the world since Nintendo revived the market back in 1983. Gaming channels make up more than 15% of all content on YouTube. I love video games. Without¬†god-like skill, I am better than average but not competitive level at all but I was blown away… Continue reading The Good News: Games Done Quick


Ordinary Day

I randomly was picking songs for me to listen to off my iPod and came across Vanessa Carlton's Ordinary Day. Today though, something was strangely familiar and different about the way I felt about her chorus. I listened over and over to the song and it kept echoing in my head. That boy, that ordinary… Continue reading Ordinary Day


New Years/New Start Resolution #3 – Streamline

Today I was watching TV and saw a commercial about this show Hoarders. It's a show about people that can't seem to let go of stuff they collected or used to the point that their entire environment is nothing short of resembling a junk yard. So, for my New Years/New Start Resolution #3, I plan… Continue reading New Years/New Start Resolution #3 – Streamline