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Day of Rest

I'm taking today off but I wanted to share what my plan is for the next week. I'm trying out something new while using the weekly posts as a template. Next week will have a theme of relationships. Not just male-female relationships but relationships with anything and everything. You will see starting tomorrow. Thanks again… Continue reading Day of Rest

Blogging, Magnificent Musings, Updates, Writings

Update: New Name & Daily Posts

I've seen massive growth in my writing over the last three months. Today marks me trying to add something new to Everything's Magnificent and I would ANY and EVERYONE's input.   First and foremost, the blog's name has changed. Instead of Mind of the Magnificent, it is now Everything's Magnificent. This change was to make the blog… Continue reading Update: New Name & Daily Posts

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Creative’s Block

It’s a puzzling conundrum when your livelihood and passion collide. We fantasize about getting paid boatloads of money for talents but never think about what makes it a passion. What happens when you take away the fluidity, spontaneity, and freedom from a hobby? What do you do knowing that you have to be creative or… Continue reading Creative’s Block

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Week One and Personal Time

Quick Update: I am exhausted mentally and am taking some time off to process and pray. Everything that has been going on in the news recently has been wearing me down. President Luthor's first week has been such a roller coaster. Here's a "short" video detailing all of his actions. With that said, I'm going… Continue reading Week One and Personal Time

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More Quick Updates

I'm happy to once again come forward and share recent progress with Mind of the Magnificent.   Recent Changes: Domain Name - is now live.  You can still reach me at Logo - I am eventually planning on creating merchandise. Opinions? Do you like how it looks? Would you like it on a shirt,… Continue reading More Quick Updates

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Celebration: New Domain

Everyone, it's time to celebrate!!! Today, January 11, 2017 (1/11/17), I have decided to go ahead and buy a domain. From now on, you can find all of my posts at With the purchase of my domain, I can now posts videos and mp3's. I can post songs that I like, playlists that I… Continue reading Celebration: New Domain

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Tell Your Story

Today, I decided to have today's thought front and center for everyone to see: SHARE YOUR STORY. I started writing when I was super young. I didn't have many close friends and I didn't really feel too comfortable in my skin. I hating speaking in public because everyone always made fun of my lisp. I was… Continue reading Tell Your Story

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What are you doing to Today to prepare for your Tomorrow?

I was talking to one of my best friends a few days back and he brought up the idea of preparing for the future. We consistently talk about laying foundations for our futures. This thinking manifests in our hobbies, careers, interpersonal relationships, clothes, and habits. Eventually we ended on grand scale thinking, legacy, and what they… Continue reading What are you doing to Today to prepare for your Tomorrow?


Reunions for the Soul

Today, after many years of not seeing my line brothers of Kappa Ship Deadly Kronikles of Konspiracy, we are together for the first time in four years. I'm taking today off from writing extensively to spend time with the Good Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and bring in January 5th (Kappa's founding day)… Continue reading Reunions for the Soul


Next on the Bucket List: Be Continuously Autodidactic

I've had an interesting time and relationship with school. I love the atmosphere. I love the people. I love the concept, but I never seem to have enough time to do everything I need. I would try an sit in the library after finally finding the one book that felt right and it would be… Continue reading Next on the Bucket List: Be Continuously Autodidactic