Streaming’s Effect on Music Pt. 2

Being from Hitsville. USA (Detroit, Michigan) aka the birthplace of the Motown Sound. I am a student of music. My Uncle studied Musicology at UCLA and all of my grandparents play at least one instrument. I play three instruments, compose, sing, and rap. I watched radios die, blogs boom, and most recently, streaming explode. How […]

Last week in Streaming’s Effect on Music Pt. 1, I spoke on how the digitization and streaming of music reignited the single, destroyed the mixtape, killed the sample and changed how sales are recorded. This week I’ll go into more about how the structure of music (Hip-Hop) itself has changed.

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How Rapper’s that are Christian are Helping Me through 2016 and Beyond

I typically would have written another Friday Vibe on music that I have stumbled upon but I just couldn’t this week. I have listened to Joey Bada$$’s All-Amerikkkan Badass and Goldlink’s At What Cost and believe both are amazing projects, but this week I wanted to talk about how music is helping me through a change.

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The Good News: Big Sean gets the Key to Detroit

Today’s good news comes on the heels of my album review of Big Sean’s newest project. Making good on his promise to do more for his city, Sean receives the key to the City of Detroit from Mayor Mike Duggan. Continue reading “The Good News: Big Sean gets the Key to Detroit”

I Decided. (Album Review)

As a Detroit native, I have a very special relationship with Big Sean. Sean and I attended the same high school for a year (Cass Technical High School). I knew of him but nothing particularly special, but it’s always interesting to know where people came from and watch them develop long distance.

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My Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums in 2015 and Why


I’ll had this conversation a ridiculous amount of times in the past few weeks. Music is the main topic as classes end and summer warms up. Top 5 lists are all the rage as we have pretty much have had appearances from all of the heavy hitting Hip-Hop artists in Late 2014-2015. So, where does that leave us? Continue reading “My Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums in 2015 and Why”