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My Favorite R&B Projects of 2016

In the spirit of wrapping these lists up before I end up writing about 2016 all 2017. I am going to shorten my lists and condense my R&B and Soul lists from ten each to two lists of five. R&B today and Soul next week. Like last time, these are not the BEST albums of… Continue reading My Favorite R&B Projects of 2016

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Failed Flight Home

Hello everyone, After having my flight delayed three times until it was impossible for me to make it home before 1am, (Thanks Delta) I have decided to take tonight off and post tomorrow. I will say it surprises me that Atlanta REALLY shuts down after snow. For once, Chicago is snowless while the south is trying… Continue reading Failed Flight Home


Atlanta and the Solo Path

Today, I finally finished watching Atlanta. Atlanta is the brainchild is comedian/actor/musician/writer Donald Glover. I sincerely enjoyed the entire show. It was funny, it was balanced, and it really showed a level of nuance that is often lacking in shows today. The most interesting relationship was Earn (Donald Glover) and Vanessa (Zazie Beetz). It makes… Continue reading Atlanta and the Solo Path