SZA – CTRL (Album Review)

To Close Out Women’s Week here at Everything’s Magnificent, I want to finish with what is arguably this best R&B album of this year, SZA’s CTRL. This was probably one of my most anticipated albums of 2017 and it definitely paid off.

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A Complicated Relationship with Wale – Shine (Album Reflection)

Cinco de Mayo. The Fifth of May. A day of celebration of the Mexican military victory over the French in 1862. Wale originally choose May 5th to release his fifth album, Shine. However, it was released last week on April 28th to lackluster response. The question is why is this celebration moment falling flat?

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More Life (Album Reflection)

For those wondering, the difference between an album REFLECTION and an album REVIEW deals with the content of the writing for my break down. Reflections typically will cover general thoughts about songs but more about the artist’s trajectory or feelings the album left me. Reviews typically will be song by song breakdowns. Now, “More tune for your headtops.”

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