We Were Created to Express Ourselves

Today in our society, there is a stigma associated with expressing one’s thoughts and opinions, especially if you are a part of the Black & Latino community. I was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine that explained to me the Kaepernick situation that took place. A simple bodily gesture done during a symbolic ritual that caused an uproar in the nation. Whether you agree with his statement is not for me to argue. However, I will argue that he does have the right to EXPRESS himself.

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Crowded in Lonely Room: My Battle against Anxiety

If you haven’t picked up a theme for this year; I have talked my ADHD, personal doubtscreativity blocksnontraditional addictionsbloodline curses, and Depression multiple times. The moral of the story is that emotional and mental care matters. I was amazed to find that my posts on my mental peculiarities seem to help my readers the most. Today, I’ll speak on my last major mental barrier that has made me who I am, Anxiety! *birthday streamer sound*

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Learning from Social Media Addiction

Dopamine: the literal reason for all your pain and joy. Dopamine is released whenever you feel pleasure. That peace of candy, the gratification of hitting a last second shot, the happy feeling of falling in love are all made possible by Dopamine. Your brain loves the stuff so much that it physically hurts to be without it. That’s what withdrawal is.

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Pride, Alcohol, and a Broken Man

I wanted to take a break for inspiration and super deep thinking to share a personal experience and feelings about it.

This year I will be 30 years old. I’ve fallen in love no less than four times. I’ve been homeless, jobless, and purposeless during various times throughout. I’ve felt that I’ve failed many times at being a good son, brother, and boyfriend, but at the end of it all, I can say that I honestly tried my best with what I had at the time.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my father that hurt my soul.

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