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Comics for my Daughter

After two letters to my daughter and one towards black women, I really spent a lot of time thinking about what young women go through in our world. How can I prepare my daughter or at least make her feel as powerful as I believe she can be? Who do girls look up to and… Continue reading Comics for my Daughter

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Day of Rest

I'm taking today off but I wanted to share what my plan is for the next week. I'm trying out something new while using the weekly posts as a template. Next week will have a theme of relationships. Not just male-female relationships but relationships with anything and everything. You will see starting tomorrow. Thanks again… Continue reading Day of Rest

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My Favorite Soul Albums of 2016

I took my three months into 2016 but I finally am finishing this series. I have so much more music to talk about from this year already. Like the last few times, this is my personal favorite soul albums of 2016, not necessarily the best. This one is specifically not in order, they all roughly… Continue reading My Favorite Soul Albums of 2016

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If I Knew Then… Pt. 2 (Growing Up)

Growing up is somewhat blindsiding. You expect things to be one way and then the sheer weight of the world starts to press back harder than you expected. There are so many things that I wish I was taught while growing up instead of learning things the hard way. Last week's post focused finances and things… Continue reading If I Knew Then… Pt. 2 (Growing Up)

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Letter to Black Women

I've written a couple of letters now to different people including my possible future daughter but this letter is for all of the amazing women that have raised, protected, and loved me. This one is for you. Dear Black Woman, Thank you. I could not even begin how to thank you for your strength and guidance… Continue reading Letter to Black Women

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The Good News: Chance the Rapper Donates $1M to CPS

As anyone that has been following me over the recent years has seen me talk about Chance the Rapper and the new positivity he has been bringing to rap with The Social Experiment and Coloring Book. I can honestly say that my favorite rappers are "Christian Rappers", not just by content, but actions. Chance made an announcement to… Continue reading The Good News: Chance the Rapper Donates $1M to CPS

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Hot Take: Nintendo Switch & The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The internet is filled with hot takes on music, movies, television, and almost everything under the sun. I pre-ordered my Nintendo Switch with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild back in January from Target and it arrived promptly Friday Morning. These are my thoughts four days in the system and what this mean for… Continue reading Hot Take: Nintendo Switch & The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Pomodoro Technique: The Tomato that Changed it all.

Productivity always has been an illusive mistress. I've been working on organization and time management skills extensively for the past five years with only occasional breakthroughs. After my return to school in 2011, I realized that if I didn't work on it now, I would be doomed to late night cram sessions and papers for… Continue reading Pomodoro Technique: The Tomato that Changed it all.

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Crowded in Lonely Room: My Battle against Anxiety

If you haven't picked up a theme for this year; I have talked my ADHD, personal doubts, creativity blocks, nontraditional addictions, bloodline curses, and Depression multiple times. The moral of the story is that emotional and mental care matters. I was amazed to find that my posts on my mental peculiarities seem to help my readers the most. Today, I'll speak on my… Continue reading Crowded in Lonely Room: My Battle against Anxiety

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Vibe Fridays: Khalid – Location

I was planning on the finale of my favorite albums of 2016 with my favorite soul albums but truthfully, I got distracted by my Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coming in today, but I didn't forget you guys. So, I am sharing one song I've had on repeat for days. 18-year… Continue reading Vibe Fridays: Khalid – Location