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Vibe Friday: Black Thought Blacks Out

Once Again, it is time for the resurrection of Vibe Fridays. Vibe Fridays are where I post videos, reviews, retro songs, reflections, and everything in between about Music. This week is about the infamous Black Thought from the Legendary Roots Crew on Hot 97. Black goes in for 10 minutes of nothing but intricate rhymes,… Continue reading Vibe Friday: Black Thought Blacks Out

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Vibe Fridays: Big K.R.I.T. – Keep The Devil Off

Every once and a while, I go back into my archives of mixtapes that can't be found on streaming platforms to check out 4Eva and a Day, my personal favorite mixtape by Big K.R.I.T. from Mississippi. K.R.I.T. is from the same stock as J. Cole, a rapper that produces and makes his own soul-sampling, but… Continue reading Vibe Fridays: Big K.R.I.T. – Keep The Devil Off

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NPR Tiny Desk:Anderson.Paak

If you guys have been checking all the previous NPR Tiny Desks that I post with NPR Tiny Desk: Noname and NPR Tiny Desk: Big Baby D.R.A.M. today I wanted to show off an older Tiny Desk while I wait patiently for Chance's Tiny Desk to go live on NPR Music: Anderson.Paak. I've talked about Anderson.Paak multiple times as… Continue reading NPR Tiny Desk:Anderson.Paak

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Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT

I originally was debating on doing a full album review today or not but I finally got a chance to see Kendrick's ELEMENT video, the third video from his album DAMN. I watched it and felt it connects with the topics I've been touching on this week. Kung Fu Kenny's back again. This video said… Continue reading Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT

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More Thoughts on Shine: Wale on Everyday Struggle

If I haven't said it on here, I am notably a fan of Joe Budden. I am an avid listener to his podcast and music. His antics outside of rap, I leave that for others to decide but I've seriously enjoyed his new day job on Complex News' Everyday Struggle. Budden joins DJ Akademiks and… Continue reading More Thoughts on Shine: Wale on Everyday Struggle

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NPR Tiny Desk: Noname

Vulnerability is one of the most important things in art. The ability to convey complex emotions and ideas in form is almost alchemy. Turning nothing into something and attracting the world to it. One of my favorite artists of 2016 came and performed at the NPR:Tiny Desk - Noname. Apparently, NPR is slowly planning on… Continue reading NPR Tiny Desk: Noname

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NPR Tiny Desk: Big Baby D.R.A.M.

It's not a secret that I am a HUGE fan of Shelly Massenburg-Smith aka D.R.A.M. (Does Real Ass Music) from Hampton Virginia. He just keeps getting better each time I see him. Yesterday morning, D.R.A.M. was invited to perform at the NPR Tiny Desk concert series where they have artists perform a selection of their music… Continue reading NPR Tiny Desk: Big Baby D.R.A.M.

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Interesting Watch #1: What Successful People Do In The Morning

So, even though I don't post everyday, I am always reading something new to improve myself, I always suggest the same. Here is a video from Business Insider that supported one of my Secrets of A Successful Man posts from a few weeks ago. What Successful People Do Before Breakfast AND  I added an additional… Continue reading Interesting Watch #1: What Successful People Do In The Morning

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In the Face of Adversity

There are many times in life where you will face challenges that seem insurmountable. Those are the challenges that you ask yourself, how did I get myself into this. Those are the moments in life where part of you just wants to go hide under the covers and not go out until it's gone, like… Continue reading In the Face of Adversity

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Illdoctrine Repost: MLK on Extremism

Jay Smooth happens to be one of my favorite Radio hosts and video bloggers. He always has pretty insightful comments and also spends a good amount of time talking about one of my favorite topics, hip-hop, and one of the topics I am most ignorant of, politics. It's good to learn. Check him out at… Continue reading Illdoctrine Repost: MLK on Extremism