The Good News: Games Done Quick

Video games has become one of the most profitable industries in the world since Nintendo revived the market back in 1983. Gaming channels make up more than 15% of all content on YouTube. I love video games. Without god-like skill, I am better than average but not competitive level at all but I was blown away recently. Continue reading “The Good News: Games Done Quick”


The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known as Cee-Lo Green, has to be one of the most talented, ridiculous, and hilarious minds in music. He’s grown from a member of Goodie Mob, to developing a smash solo career, and becoming a massive success with producer Danger Mouse, as Gnarls Barkley. At this point in his career he truly believes he can do anything. Continue reading “The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl”

The Good News: Obama’s Freedom

Today’s good news comes from literally every news outlet imaginable. 44th President Barack Obama has finished up his term and is actually living his life. We rarely see photos of former presidents outside of former presidential duties and I wanted to just save his obvious joy of no longer being President. Being the fifth youngest President has it’s perks. Continue reading “The Good News: Obama’s Freedom”

The Good News: New Jersey gives free baby boxes

After having a tough yesterday and really feeling defeated. I talked to some loved ones that helped me grasp staying sane until it’s my time to give back. To combat the negativity we constantly see in news, I decided to occasionally look for positive stories and share them with you all.

Today’s Good News: The Baby Box

Continue reading “The Good News: New Jersey gives free baby boxes”