The Good News: In the Spotlight

Welcome back! There are just a few weeks left in 2017 and guess what?! We’ve got good news!

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A Congrats is in order!

Congratulations! You’ve made it back to Tuesday. We’ve got good news!

Repeat after me… Secure.The. Bag.

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The Good News: McCain Mans Up

While I don’t want to get to political on this beautiful Tuesday Thursday evening, I think its important to acknowledge when someone in the government is getting it and guess who’s come to the dark side?

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The Good News: Anu and Her Prosthetic Sports Blade

There is something so pure about children. They have such an amazing ability to adapt and see the world in the most honest of ways. They say that children and animals are the only ones that see us for who we are. If kids don’t trust you, something is wrong. Continue reading “The Good News: Anu and Her Prosthetic Sports Blade”

The Good News: Big Sean gets the Key to Detroit

Today’s good news comes on the heels of my album review of Big Sean’s newest project. Making good on his promise to do more for his city, Sean receives the key to the City of Detroit from Mayor Mike Duggan. Continue reading “The Good News: Big Sean gets the Key to Detroit”

Quick Update: Ibn Ali Miller Receives Award

This is just a quick update to the story from Tuesday. Now revealed, Ibn Ali Miller, just received an honor award from Atlantic City on Wednesday for his actions. Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small saw the video and decided to reward him and the children for their courage. Check the video below. Continue reading “Quick Update: Ibn Ali Miller Receives Award”

The Good News: Wise Words from the Street

Today’s Good News was an important one to see coming from my background. Being from Detroit, I’ve seen too many kids get in fights because of pointless arguments or just from friends instigating. When I was young, I was even in a good amount of those fights myself. Check out the following four minute clip.

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The Good News: The Dog Matchmaker

Today’s Good News fulfills an itch I’ve had for about five months now. I’ve fought off the urge to get married and build a family in favor of life stabilization and personal development. The next best thing to a girlfriend is a puppy, “they are always happy to see you!” (I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid) So, I’ve been researching the best way to find that companion and came across The Dog Matchmaker.

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The Good News: Chance the Rapper Donates $1M to CPS

As anyone that has been following me over the recent years has seen me talk about Chance the Rapper and the new positivity he has been bringing to rap with The Social Experiment and Coloring Book. I can honestly say that my favorite rappers are “Christian Rappers”, not just by content, but actions.

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