Detoxifying Your Heart

Detox is such an essential physical health practice to remove the unhealthy toxins in our body. Whatever toxin you want to get rid of or cleanse you can look up a smoothie for that! But what about the toxins in your heartContinue reading “Detoxifying Your Heart”


New Years Check-In

*ding* TIME TO CHECK IN!! We’ve made it to mid-May and almost half-way through 2017. How are your New Years Resolutions/Themes/Goals doing? Are you still holding on tight? Did you give up months ago? Let’s talk.

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Working on Eating Right (and Eating at All)

This week is all about physical health. I’ve been reflecting on the things to try to get me to peak physical condition. I have a major birthday milestone coming up and I have been thinking that I have to take care of my body before it’s too late.

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Drink More Water

Drink More Water. Besides it being the supremely infectious catchphrase of Chicago’s Mick Jenkins. He takes water to symbolize the truth in all of its forms. Meanwhile, it has become one of my goals for life. I never really knew how to drink water until I grew up and put the sugary drinks away.

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My Spiritual Fast

I have been fasting intermittently for two weeks now. Isaiah 58 (Check Page 2) speaks on the purpose of a day of fasting, from God’s perspective, as a day of Celebration. I wanted to share my fasting method, schedule, reasoning, routine, and lessons so far from this new habit of mine.  Continue reading “My Spiritual Fast”

Reader’s Choice: What now? (Inauguration Day) Pt.2

This is part 2 of my response to my friend China (@stylerepublik on Snap and IG) and her thoughts on what are we going to do now that Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom are running the United States. See part one here.

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New Years/New Start Resolution #6 – Drink Water!


Just Drink It!


I can spit out hundreds of facts about water and only scratch the surface. It cleanses your body, pushing out toxins and hazardous materials in the body. It replenishes the body’s organs, especially the brain and acts as bodily medium for all major reactions. Water makes up over  75% of the human body, conveniently the same percentage as our planet. Proper hydration insures the proper function of protein synthesis which builds/repairs muscle. Water regulates body temperature, improves digestion, helps metabolize fat and the benefits go on and on.

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New Years/New Start Resolution #5 – Eat Right


Yeah...I would be freaked out too


As I slowly creepy away from my early twenties, I start to worry more about my waistline increasing into the upper thirties. Maybe it’s because most of my friends are either getting married or pregnant and the husbands are starting to match their pregnant wives. Maybe it’s because I am at the point where I can no longer expect a grow a couple inches to balance anything out. Or maybe it’s because this stupid skinny jean phase destroying my chance of getting a decent pair of loose fit straight leg jeans without it being too tight in the thigh, calf or butt. Frankly, working out and eating right become more and more important each day.

So, my New Years/New Start Resolution #5 is too eat better and eat right.

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