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Movement Monday!

Picking up an old hobby can be quite refreshing. In Chicago, I used to do Aerial Silk and Aerial Yoga. I have been looking for a place to continue this practice for two years. Today I reflected back on my first Aerial class and to where I arrived now. I admit I am very rusty,… Continue reading Movement Monday!

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Being Barely Sane

In the past two weeks, I found myself revamping major areas of my life. I noticed myself doing the same unproductive thing on my down time after work. Going home and shutting my mind off by watching Netflix. I was watching A Different World and I just finished the Scandal series (5 years later) ha!… Continue reading Being Barely Sane

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New Years Check-In

*ding* TIME TO CHECK IN!! We've made it to mid-May and almost half-way through 2017. How are your New Years Resolutions/Themes/Goals doing? Are you still holding on tight? Did you give up months ago? Let's talk. Even though I have been Abolishing New Year Resolutions (New Thinking) and came up with my Theme of 2017: The Listener, a… Continue reading New Years Check-In

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The Power of Naps

Today seemed like a perfect day to write about the little appreciated necessity when we were kids that we wish we could go back and truly enjoy now, SLEEP! It's funny how little we appreciate from a simple thing like powering down for a few hours when we were young. What's even weirder is that… Continue reading The Power of Naps

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A Quest to Build Muscles

What? You thought I was going to have some big burly guy flexing, making me feel insecure on my own blog? Ha! But, seriously, I want you guys to hold me accountable to my personal dream. I want muscles. Well, I already have muscles, but I want bigger muscles. I want to look and feel… Continue reading A Quest to Build Muscles

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Enjoy Yourself & Try Something New

Yesterday, I spoke about Singlehood and wanted to continue with that thought. I stressed about how being single shouldn't be contrasted against anyone else. It should be about you. How do you start to enjoy the time to yourself? How do you find yourself? Were you ever really lost? The goal is to find something you… Continue reading Enjoy Yourself & Try Something New

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Lukewarm Obedience

I have been struggling with my relationship with God recently. It's been developing and growing by leaps and bounds, but there is always a part of you that wants things to stay the same and remain comfortable. Last night, I had a tough revelation that I ignored before but am getting close to accepting now.… Continue reading Lukewarm Obedience

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My Spiritual Fast

I have been fasting intermittently for two weeks now. Isaiah 58 (Check Page 2) speaks on the purpose of a day of fasting, from God's perspective, as a day of Celebration. I wanted to share my fasting method, schedule, reasoning, routine, and lessons so far from this new habit of mine.  My Fasting Method: I fast once… Continue reading My Spiritual Fast

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Reader’s Choice: What now? (Inauguration Day) Pt.2

This is part 2 of my response to my friend China (@stylerepublik on Snap and IG) and her thoughts on what are we going to do now that Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom are running the United States. See part one here. SR:Are we going to challenge ourselves to be better? Are we going… Continue reading Reader’s Choice: What now? (Inauguration Day) Pt.2

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Reaping Benefits: Continuing Motivation

Humans are inherently lazy. We like things to be easy. You can see this in how much technology has evolved to allow us to work as little as possible for things that used to be so much harder to come by. Why go to the theatre when we have Netflix? Why go to the store,… Continue reading Reaping Benefits: Continuing Motivation