We Were Created to Express Ourselves

Today in our society, there is a stigma associated with expressing oneā€™s thoughts and opinions, especially if you are a part of the Black & Latino community. I was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine that explained to me the Kaepernick situation that took place. A simple bodily gesture done during a symbolic ritual that caused an uproar in the nation. Whether you agree with his statement is not for me to argue. However, I will argue that he does have the right to EXPRESS himself.

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Halcyon Days: Dreams and the Dreamgiver

Dreams and Dream Giver

As a little throwback and gift for visiting my new page. I’ll share what’s on my iPod. For anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE music-head. I perform covers, originals and have been working with bands since 2008. So, I went through a very dark point in my life in 2010 and here is a mix that came out of it. Very uplifting, very soulful and 100% how I felt.

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