Being Barely Sane

In the past two weeks, I found myself revamping major areas of my life. I noticed myself doing the same unproductive thing on my down time after work. Going home and shutting my mind off by watching Netflix. I was watching A Different World and I just finished the Scandal series (5 years later) ha! So, I transitioned to Being Mary Jane. I’m a couple episodes in and I find myself resonating with her a lot. I started putting sticky notes of positive affirmations all over my house and keeping myself accountable to reflecting on a daily/nightly basis in my journal. Overall, I realized how discontent I was with my free time.

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Taking A Day Off – Sharing a Laugh

Today was the beginning of my new position, it was filled with orientations and side appointments. I even moved into the dorms and will be living on a XL Twin bed for the next 10-12 weeks. Yippee!!🙃  So today, while I plan the rest of the week, I’ll take off to get my head on right.

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Reader’s Choice: The Lego Batman Movie – The Best Batman Movie in Years

We live in an era where every movie and franchise through time is being given a gritty reboot, shot completely in shades of black, teal, and orange with shaky cam and lens flare. The series that started this change has now taken a new form, Legos, and the Dark Knight rises again!! [Note: This post is spoiler-free but I do recommend you seeing it.]

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The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known as Cee-Lo Green, has to be one of the most talented, ridiculous, and hilarious minds in music. He’s grown from a member of Goodie Mob, to developing a smash solo career, and becoming a massive success with producer Danger Mouse, as Gnarls Barkley. At this point in his career he truly believes he can do anything. Continue reading “The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl”

Kanye West’s Minimalist Work Allows Fan Freedom

I couldn't deal with the level of blasphemy from some of the possible album covers.
The Album of the year is a black CD from Best Buy.

So, as the weekend comes to a close, the inevitable Yeezus leak has sprung. We’ve seen it before with Kanye’s previous albums, many internet/fan artists coming forward, claiming to be the official art. But, this time it is a whole site dedicated to Yeezus art. Yeezy Graffiti. Check out some of my favorites, or least favorites below. Continue reading “Kanye West’s Minimalist Work Allows Fan Freedom”