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Living Saved AND Woke (In Strictly Christian Places)

Today, We’re going back into time to Season 1 of Saved AND Woke podcast Episode 2.

“Many socially conscious believers know the confusion and inner turmoil that arises after finding out that their Christian friends and loved ones share (or are sympathetic) to many beliefs, opinions, and ideologies that have laid the foundation for the many forms of oppression endemic to Western culture. Your hosts, MSW & Dee, are no strangers to this, and they have recorded this episode with these believers in mind.

After such experiences, many leave the Faith, as they come to the understandable conclusion that a group of people that do not share the same peaceful and just worldview as their own is not one they wish to remain a part of.  Let this serve as validation of their mixed feelings and, more importantly, a message saying:


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