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Detoxifying Your Heart

Detox is such an essential physical health practice to remove the unhealthy toxins in our body. Whatever toxin you want to get rid of or cleanse you can look up a smoothie for that! But what about the toxins in your heart

As we approach the end of the year everyone is setting New Year resolution goals and using the hashtag #NewYearNewME! It’s a time where we can have a fresh start to the goals we never got to accomplish in 2017, especially when it comes to our health and our bodies, but do you set emotional, mental and spiritual goals?

I want to share with you 7 Therapeutic ways to Detoxify Your Heart:

1.) Don’t suppress it, NAME it.

When an uncomfortable, painful, or hard situation comes up admitting it is unheard of. As an Art & Dance/Movement Therapist at a detox center in Florida, I find that this is the most difficult first step to take. Even from my own experience, I used to suppress it through television, music, going out, or just denying it all together. In order to heal through an emotion or experience you must first just allow it to be so that you can grow. Let your heart feel it’s emotion without any shame. If you’re angry, shout. If you’re sad, cry. Find a safe place and/or person to experience this.

2.) Ask yourself WHY.

Often, whatever is bothering you on the surface level is just a mirage to the root of the conflict. Think of your heart as a pineapple. The green leaves at the top is the emotion being displayed for example, anger. The outer core (skin) is the protecting layer usually deflecting of the emotion, “I’m fine!” and the inner core of the pineapple is the pain that caused the emotion to begin with (disappointment, hurt, etc). Upon touching, you may get pricked and even bleed when grabbing a pineapple aggressively, but if you can tell when it’s ripe, the right person will be able to come along and handle the peeling with care and make your defenses low.

3.) Seek Guidance.

Whether it’s from God, a friend, or a mentor, find someone safe, reliable, and trustworthy to share these emotions with. Be open with sharing and exploring these emotions with someone outside of yourself. Even through dialogue you will find clarity.

4. ) Perspective.

Find a way to process emotions outside of your thoughts. This step is very important! I encourage exploration through writing, reading, journaling, creative expression, photography, etc. Whatever serves as an outlet to you that is tangible. Try to look at the emotion and the situation outside of yourself. Take into consideration what is and what is not in your control. The key here is trying to see the world from the other persons’ perspective.

5.) Say GOODBYE.

Now here comes the hard part. That shirt, that song, that person…LET IT GO! Parting ways with all those triggers (reminders) of that time period, place, or person is the hardest part. I’m not saying suppress it and pretend that it never happened, rather accept it for what it was and what it taught you then let it go. Stop allowing yourself to dwell in that place. GET RID OF EVERYTHING and stop letting unhealthy people walk through the revolving door of your heart!

6.) Forgive yourself.

You are not perfect and you never will be. I’m not either! Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself and everything you feel like you did wrong. Tell yourself that you can’t change what happened, but that you will accept the lesson to be learned from it and move forward. Have self-compassion towards yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

7. ) Set Mental, Emotional, and Physical Goals for 2018.

Take some time over the next few days and make a list of at least 3 goals in each of these areas that you want to work towards. Next, create 3 action steps that you will do to accomplish these goals so that they can become a reality.


My meditation journal ALIGNING YOUR INNER SELF is derived from these 7 detoxifying steps and guides you towards a space of awakening, consciousness, and enlightenment. Bringing wholeness to your Body, Soul & Spirit. Now available on Amazon!




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