Through Tires and Tribulations

Last Friday night I had a great time catching up with my old co-workers. I suggested we meet at Coyo Taco, my FAVORITE restaurant in Wynwood. We broke bread and ventured out to explore Wynwood Walls. I even came across a life size Super Mario statue!

unnamed (2)On my way home, I’m sitting at a light and out of nowhere a man knocks on my passenger window pointing to what I think is the back seat. I close the window that I had cracked, made sure my doors are locked and turn up my music. I’m thinking that he’s drunk and thinks that I’m his Uber driver. He continues to knock more and more aggressively and I ignore him. He turns around to the restaurant window and shrugs. A couple seconds later a woman comes out knocking on my window over and over pointing to my back seat. (This was the longest light ever!) I wave my hand at them showing that I am uninterested in what they have to say. I’m from Chicago, I don’t take chances with people trying to get over on me here in Miami especially since they take Flaka out here (the flesh eating zombie drug). I was not trying to become the next star on Walking Dead!walking-dead.jpgThe light FINALLY changes and I get ready to pull off and out of desperation, I see this woman take a picture of my car and she shows me a picture in her phone in the corner of my eye as I pull off. I only live 4 minutes away so I begin to process what they were trying to communicate to me and visualizing the picture she showed me. I pull up to the next light and it hit me…I have a flat tire! They weren’t pointing to my back seat, they were pointing to my back tire. I had been having car troubles for the past two weeks: low air in my tires, tire pressure light comes on, bearing was shaking, axial misaligned, etc. That Friday morning I bought all new tires, so the fact that I had a flat tire in less than 24 hours BAFFLED ME!unnamed (4).jpgI had work at 7:45 am the next day on Saturday, so I called progressive and scheduled for a tow to a shop early the next morning before work. I wake up and confirm they said, “We’ll be there in 45 minutes”. I get ready for work, make breakfast, pack my lunch, etc. An hour goes by and no one shows up. I call progressive to follow up and they said it’ll be another 30 minutes and another 30 minutes. An hour and a half goes by and I call the tow company myself and the guy says, “Look stop calling us about your tow! We are doing YOU a favor! We’ll get there when we get there!” I bit my tongue and replied, “Okay, thank you.”maxresdefault (1).jpgNow the old Christina would have cussed him out in three languages on the spot! But being that I have accepted the Lord Almighty into my life, my anger is an area in my life that I am consistently working to control on a daily basis. I call progressive to report the company and their poor customer service skills and I give the call representative my introduction.

“I want to verbalize to you that I am very upset right now because of the circumstances that I am in. I am very frustrated, but I understand that it is not your fault and I will try my best to not take it out on you. I ask that you please be patient with me and assist me in finding a solution as quickly as possible.”

I put myself in the shoes of the representatives who work for progressive. They are everyday people with their own problems and they don’t deserve to be treated with disrespect or have to put up with someone’s attitude. I am grateful to be in the mental health field because God has taught me to be firm, fair, and compassionate all at the same time. Getting angry, loud, and disrespectful does not solve my issue or make anyone want to help me. It was already 1:30 pm and I was still waiting on a tow truck from 6 am. I’m on hold with progressive for 30 minutes as they connect me to a supervisor and my supervisor at work is texting me where I was at because out of all the Saturday’s in the year the CEO was stopping by that day! All of this was happening at once and my best friend, Mr. Magnificent, was texting me through it to hold it together and not fall apart.lego_2_071.jpgAfter long polite negotiation conversation with progressive, they took off $100 off my next bill, and authorized for them to tow my car to the original shop where I got my new tires which was 1 hour away near my job. Something that would’ve cost me $150 was now FREE. I believe that none of this would’ve happened if I didn’t hold my composure and control my anger. It was a test!this-is-fine.jpgLesson to be learned: Although I am still having daily problems with my care and invested $1,000 into repairs in the last 6 days, I am am grateful for the following:

-Having a work supervisor who is understanding and patient

-God having favor over me to make the impossible possible for my situation and the financial resources

-Most importantly having a best friend who holds me accountable to a standard of living as a woman given my past. He has walked with my in life for almost 7 years now and has seen me mature in many areas of my life.c9i_vdaxcaarmmg.jpgBe motivated, set goals, and have someone hold you accountable to these goals so that you don’t slip away and get comfortable in being stagnate.







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