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Level Up Your Faith

What LEVEL are you on?

I had some issues with my housing situation in which I needed to move, but my landlord said if I broke my lease he would take me to court and sue me. I tried everything to get out of the situation: spoke to a lawyer, called code enforcement, and even tried to negotiate with my landlord. I was out of options and in desperate need of help. I wished I could just call on my brother or a cousin for help, but that’s one of the downside of moving out of state. Fortunately, my friend Jasmine immediately welcomed me into her home with her family until I could figured things out.


I went back and forth with my landlord and wrote him a 94 page letter with complaints about the apartment and pictures to prove each issue. I know crazy right?!! (I have my Thesis paper to thank for this skill!) All I wanted was to be free from that horrible place, and get my deposit money back. I waited over a week to hear from him… 8 days later I receive an e-mail that states:

“Dear Christina,

In response to your letter, we will accept your decision to move and will release you from the remainder of your lease.
We can apply your last months rent that you have on deposit towards November’s rent and return your security deposit to you when you vacate and return the premises and keys on November 30,2017.”
I immediately shut my computer and took a walk. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I was in awe!! This was the same person who threatened me and wanted to sue me for speaking up about the conditions of my apartment. In that very moment my faith LEVELED UP!

Meanwhile, Jasmine was at a filming shoot (She’s a full time actress),  and she was talking to another actor who lived across the street from the parking lot they were filming in Miami. One thing led to another found out the girl was moving and her place was vacant! Jasmine got me the landlords info and I called him that day! He was so shocked about my inquiry because the girl had just moved a couple days before and he didn’t post it online. He said he had someone else already interested in the apartment and they paid a deposit already. I went to the apartment the next day and put my hand on the door declaring that this place was mine. Thanking God in advance for the blessing He was about to give to me. The landlord didn’t know it yet, but he was giving that place to ME! I waited for 2 weeks to hear his decision.


Back at Jasmine’s house, I felt like my time there was like a pit stop for me. Things were getting so out of control that God needed to shift my environment to have people love on me, guide me, and reveal things I had hidden about myself. Her parents took me in as their own and I am so grateful for that! I even wrote my book while I was there and it took me losing all security to become focused on what God was trying to do in my life.


Well...I got the place! I moved in the day after Thanksgiving and her family helped me move all my belongings. I can officially say I live in Wynwood, the place where I fell in love with Miami! Sometimes God has to take everything away from us to get our attention from the distractions and junk in our lives. He wants to increase your faith like he did for me.


Let Him Level Up your Faith!



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