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A Woman’s Worth

Where is the fine line between a woman dressing classy vs trashy?

I remember having a heart to heart with my good friend Walter, as he tried to mentally prepare me for my move to Miami. He warned me that the Miami culture is totally different from Chicago. That I would be surrounded by people who were focused on sex, money, and drugs. He did didn’t want me to get caught up in that scene and let insecurity creep in.


I assured him that I was going to be okay…


I vividly remember my first pool party in Miami for the 4th of July because I was in awe of what I saw. The amount of women walking around barely clothed. I began to scan around the environment seeing people’s responses to each other (I love people watching!)  I could see girls rolling their eyes at other girls and snickering to themselves, men lusting at girls across the pool, and of course the showoffs.


I went to a mansion party this past weekend as was intrigued by what took place. Seeing girls who are open about their sexual intentions, leeching off men who have money, and bragging about the amount of drugs they’ve experimented with. This was the center of everyone’s attention. I’m definitely not in Chicago anymore!

Since that experience I have been evaluating what MY standards are as a woman


What do I value?

How do I want to be perceived?

How can I be true to myself in a tasteful way?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not belittling any woman who chooses to reveal themselves or live a certain lifestyle. I just know what lifestyle isn’t for ME. I don’t have to be half-naked and revealing to be considered beautiful because honey, I am wonderfully and beautifully made from the inside out by the Creator himself and I am confident in that!








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