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This is a God Dream

What dream would you dare to make a reality?

This past week I have have been reflecting on mental barriers I have in my life. Limits I set on myself as an artist, a therapist, a writer, and a woman. Limits that originated as seeds of lies, doubts, and fears.

Planting seeds

I imagine each seed growing into an ivy plant that begins to slowly creep up and wrap itself around me. First, it wraps itself around my leg and I lean down to try to untangle myself confused as to where it came from. I feel its grip get tighter and tighter that I begin to panic, not realizing that another one gently eased its way up my other leg. Swiftly wrapping itself around my torso once I look down at it. I close my eyes in fear hoping it would go away. I open my eyes and snap out of it. I use my one free hand to grab it from around my neck, but it won’t let me go. I become so consumed by it that it paralyzes me. I feel the urgency to break free and escape it, but I grow weary in the fight. At this point, each leg and arm is completely restrained. No matter how much I fight and scream, this force becomes stronger and stronger. I finally just surrender.


How many lies, doubts, and fears in your life have you surrendered to?

What have you taken on and accepted to become a part of who you are?

I wish I could draw like him”

“I could never just get up and move to another state”

“If I had the money I would…”

“I can’t be a dancer, my body doesn’t move and look like hers”


We are in a generation in which we constantly compare ourselves to other people on a daily basis. We go on Instagram and start comparing our self. We look at the COMPETITION against us and feel inadequate. Even movies and mainstream media is geared toward making us believe what we have, know, and do is not enough. Causing us to strive towards materialistic things to fill that void.


So, how do you break free and become AWAKENED???

There is no one answer. This process is a journey you will have to take on and navigate for yourself. For me, I finally realized that I was trying to fight this on my own and didn’t cry out to God when the ivy plant of lies crept up upon me. I didn’t go to Him because I thought he couldn’t rescue me. That He wasn’t BIG enough to help my situation. This past week he’s presented Himself to me through visual images.

To the deepest depth of the sea…


and to the outermost part of the universe, He rules everything in-between.

a2744_parallel-hst-1148x1280.jpg(actual NASA photo)

Remember that book I said I was going to write? Well I finished it! I too want you to experience this freedom that I have attained through searching my within myself and finding inner peace. I wrote a meditation journal to guide you through this journey!


Check out my completely revamped professional website too while you’re at it!

I hope to encourage you to not put limits on yourself or what you think you’re capable of achieving. Dream big. Get you a GOD DREAM!





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