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The Movement

What’s your Movement Vocabulary?

Today I pushed myself to do 3 new things:

1.) Find a unique public environment to move in – (I wanted to be in nature moving and not caring about who may drive by and see me)

2.) Move to a hip-hop style beat – (I overcame an insecurity about this dance style and believing a lie that “I wasn’t good enough”)

3.) Improv Movement – (No choreography. Natural)

Set Goals. Be Brave. Move true to your soul!

Here’s today’s video!

Here’s why I move:







Today in our society, there is a stigma associated with expressing one’s thoughts and opinions. As an Art & Dance Movement Therapist, I firmly believe that I was created to help people express themselves freely using their spirit, soul, and body. I became an Art & Dance/Movement Therapist because they are the two forms of communication I use to express myself to others and with God. There are times that I am unable to verbalize what it is that I am feeling inside of me. Whether it be happiness, sorrow, joy, anger, etc. It is easier for me to show people with colors and movement the sensations taking over my body. I firmly believe that everyone in this world is gifted and talented! It’s a matter of accessing those skills/abilities and sharing your thoughts/opinions freely with the world. I hope that I have been able to inspire you to explore within yourself and have the courage to express yourself boldly!



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