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Dancing Waters

I have been desiring to join a dance community since I moved to Florida. I wanted to be a part of a company that stood for advocacy and social justice through the arts. That’s when my friend Marah connected me to Dancing Waters and I was offered to join the company!

Dancing Waters, is an aspiring non-profit professional Arts Company.  Our vision is to use the arts as a medium to expose social injustice, mobilize communities to action, train artists, empower marginalized people groups, and bring healing to individuals through servant artistry.  Dancing Waters began a year ago with four Dancers, and has since grown to a company start-up with ten members. We have traveled to many cities in Florida, as well as internationally to Colombia. We are focused on community outreach on a worldwide spectrum.

We have the opportunity to travel to Lake City, FL in December for an outreach trip. There, we will have the opportunity to teach workshops on dance technique, artistry, community involvement/social justicespirituality, communicate freedom and healing through movement, and serve alongside within the community. We will be able to address social justice issues through our craft, as well as challenge cultural norms and focus on arts awareness. We will be hosting a community-wide artist showcase in the downtown square with the intention of bringing together different groups of people to appreciate various forms of art and find the beauty in community and love.

We strive to take part in a hands-on community project as a company so that we can be a part of lasting change in the community.

We are currently building the foundation of Dancing Waters to become a non-profit organization! If you can support our cause in any way financially, our goal is to raise money for transportation, meals, lodging, and community projects for our company members during the trip cost. We will travel to Lake City December 9th-15th. Our goal is to become a non-profit by 2018 and money will go towards this costly process as well. You can donate via our Go Fund Me page. Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Follow us on Social Media!
Instagram: @dancingwaters.arts
Facebook Page: Dancing Waters
Youtube (Colombia video)



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