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A Congrats is in order!

Congratulations! You’ve made it back to Tuesday. We’ve got good news!

Repeat after me… Secure.The. Bag.

Wednesday, Rapper Eminem and his song publisher locked down half $500,000 plus court fees after winning a high-profile New Zealand case.

New Zealand’s center-right National Party aired a slightly different instrumental of the rapper’s biggest hit, Lose Yourself, almost 200 times for a general election campaign a couple of years back.

The irony? A National Party attorney reported described the song, titled Eminem-esque, as “pretty legal.”

The Ferndale Company, which oversees licensing of Eminem’s music, sued for copyright infringement.

Despite the party’s argument it had “gold standard” belief the track was safe to use, the judge had to give credit where credit is due, deeming the hit single a “high value song” that can fetch premium licensing fees.

According to Justice Helen Cull, the song was meant to  “sound like Eminem and Lose Yourself.”

Bad news, Good info

The Senate handed a loss to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Tuesday night on whether US consumers should be allowed to sue banks. Vice President Mike Pence broke the 50-50 tie.

The CFPB, created in response of the National Financial Crisis of 2008, just approved the Consumer Rule last July.

Yep! Instead of getting suited, consumers will be required to resolve disputes via individual arbitration proceedings.


Though the rule is on its way out, it was meant to ban most mandatory arbitration clauses found in the fine print usually unknown to the consumer opening a checking account or credit card.

Republicans and the financial industry are selling the repeal as a reversal that would block big paybacks for lawyers, but the bureau director, Richard Cordray is not buying

“It preserves a two-tier justice system where banks can deny their customer the same rights,” he said in a statement urging President Trump to veto the measure.

Following the House approval, the vote to overturn the rule is now approved and on its way to an expected signature from President Trump.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you smarter?

Girl warrior and women’s education activist, Malala Yousafzai celebrated the anniversary of the day she took a shot to the head for girls’ rights to education.

Five years ago, a member of the Taliban shot Malala for openly speaking out. After becoming the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, at 16, Malala has set her sights on her own education.

This month, she got to join the girls she’s fought for as she began her first semester of classes at the University of Oxford.

Yousafzai confirmed she is studying philosophy, politics and economics.

Congratulations Malala! The world is proud of you!

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