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The Good News: McCain Mans Up

While I don’t want to get to political on this beautiful Tuesday Thursday evening, I think its important to acknowledge when someone in the government is getting it and guess who’s come to the dark side?

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

McCain announced he’s backing a Democratic bill requiring social media companies to tell it all when disclosing info about political ads on their platforms. The bill is a reaction to Russia buying ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to promote propaganda and fake news to millions of people before and after last year’s presidential election. 

It gets better! Homie pulled rank..

As the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain mentioned he might need to issue a subpoena to get more info about the ambush in Niger that left four US soldiers dead. The Senator says the Trump administration have been holding out on some info. 


White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose son died in combat, spoke up about the controversy. Meanwhile, the Former President’s Club had some words for ol’ boy Trump, but don’t say anything because they’re not mentioning names.

If this wasn’t enough, I found you 10 of the HAPPIEST places to live: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/happiest-cities-in-america_us_59e7ca66e4b00905bdaeaedf

Don’t forget too check back next Tuesday for more Good News!

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