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Spotlight: Jasmine Douglas

As a light in this world, I believe it is my role to illuminate a spotlight unto others for the great work they are doing in their life.

This is Jasmine Douglas.


She is a Theater/Film/Musical/Commercial Actress, Model, Dancer, Choreographer, Singer/Songwriter, Video Blogger, & Musician. If you thought I did it all…Well let’s just say I met my match!

Personality Traits: Generous, Kind, Forgiving, Humbled, Committed, Woman of God, Family Oriented, Motivated, Healthy Living, Loyal, Selfless, has an Infectious Laugh, and is an Extraordinary friend to me.


Fun facts:

  • She has been in several musical productions and plays since she was a little girl including my two favorites: Something about Mary (Production in which the birth of Jesus with and Joseph takes place in a modern day era set right here in Miami) and The Wizard of Oz.
  • She has two brothers, and one of them is her twin named James. Her brothers also a Sing, Act, are Musicians, Song Writers, Model, & much more!! [Checkout this music video they did a couple years ago. They composed, recorded, and edited everything themselves!!]
  • She has done several runway shows and modeled for a major companies such as Ralph Lauren, Nickelodeon and Kids R’ Us.

Side note: She has been on the mega screen in New York’s Time Square as a Ralph Lauren Girl. So COOL!


She is definitely destined for greatness as she transitions from Florida to Atlanta to take the next steps in her career. My favorite thing about Jasmine is how humbled she is. She doesn’t brag or boast about any of her accomplishments. In fact, it was her mom that sat with me talking about all the amazing things her daughter has had the opportunity to take part of.


Follow her social media accounts to keep up with Jasmine as she walks into her God given destiny!

Facebook: True Jas

Instagram: @truejas

YouTube: True Jas



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