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Spotlight: Naida Lynn

As a light in this world, I believe it is my role to illuminate a spotlight unto others for the great work they are doing in their life.

This is Naida Lynn.


She is a Singer, Song Writer, & Musician who wears her heart on her vocal cords!

Personality Traits: Compassionate, Focused, Dedicated, Willing, Humbled, Selfless, Vocally and Musically gifted, God-fearing, Leader, Organized, Business Woman, Detailed Oriented, Committed, Independent, Determined, Entrepreneur, and a Prayer Warrior.


Fun fact: She just released a new single on October 17th!!!

After Release

Title: Old-Fashioned

Style: NeoSoul

Online Stores: All digital outlets where music is sold (ie, iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, etc.) 

What it’s about: On the surface level, this song is about me liking a guy and pretending I don’t when he’s around. But at a deeper level, this song is about believing that women are Worthy of a BOLD pursuit! What started out as a diary in song form became an anthem that goes against a common trend in culture where women become master manipulators at seducing men into falling for them or trying to get a man to notice them.  Instead, I wanted to make it clear that I know who I am and that unless a man is willing to put some skin in the game, my feelings for him–fond or otherwise–will be kept between me, my friends, and my God! haha My hope is women will get that message and celebrate self-worth, confidence, and mystery!

Technical Details: Produced by Daramola (Singer and Dove-Award winning Producer)

I love that Naida and I can uplift and pray for each other when one of us becomes weary. As artists, we understand each other on a deeper spiritual level. Her music is refreshing, unique, and empowering!
Follow her social accounts to know when new music is released and for her Motivation Monday Videos!


Facebook: Naida Lynn Alcime

Instagram: @I_am_naida

Click here to purchase her single!


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