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Being Barely Sane

In the past two weeks, I found myself revamping major areas of my life. I noticed myself doing the same unproductive thing on my down time after work. Going home and shutting my mind off by watching Netflix. I was watching A Different World and I just finished the Scandal series (5 years later) ha! So, I transitioned to Being Mary Jane. I’m a couple episodes in and I find myself resonating with her a lot. I started putting sticky notes of positive affirmations all over my house and keeping myself accountable to reflecting on a daily/nightly basis in my journal. Overall, I realized how discontent I was with my free time.

Make things happen

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being an Art & Dance/Movement Therapist and I know it’s my purpose in life, but I will admit it does get very tiring. The moment I step foot into the detox center, clients run up to me asking me for things:

“I need to make a phone call!”

“I need to talk to you about my night, I couldn’t sleep”

“I don’t need to be here anymore so I’m leaving AMA (Against Medical Advice).”

Some days I go in mentally ready to surrender the next 8 hours of my day to helping my clients get through their detox day and other days, I wish I was sitting on the beach meditating with God . sorting out my own issues. God has really equipped me with the empathy and compassion for people struggling with addiction, but like many people in the mental health field, we burn ourselves out when we don’t take the proper steps to take care of ourselves.

Screams from within

I didn’t like how I felt the next morning after binge watching Netflix shows and not having done anything to better myself.  Such as painting, dancing, working out, calling a friend, or writing poetry, but I would just find myself so exhausted/heavy from listening to my clients’ traumatizing stories or trying to help them reconsider not leaving AMA.  I wouldn’t have the energy to give back to myself outside of work. It was kind of like the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer drops an egg on the floor and instead of cleaning it up he puts caution tape around drinking glasses says, “Yeah, I’ll take care of that later.”


So…I made an action plan to change my lifestyle, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

I wrote a list of short and long term goals. I wrote action steps for each goal to make it achievable. I’m most comfortable being uncomfortable having to face challenges and difficulties in life, but when I’m stagnant and everything is calm…I become uncomfortable. I constantly want to stretch, grow, and push myself through my mental boundaries. The biggest goal I have is to wake up early and do the following morning care routing:

  • Journal one page of random thoughts/dream residue/feelings/etc.
  • Read Bible verse of the day and write it down
  • Ask God to give me awareness to apply it in my own life
  • Go on the In Touch Ministries App and listen to the message of the day
    • I also take diligent notes as I am listening so that I can really feed my spirit
  • Run for 30 mins
  • Shower and head to work


I know to some it may seem like a challenge to wake up before 5 am to get their day started, especially if you’re a night owl as myself. However, when you really strive to grow and desire to see improvements in your life, it will fuel the fire to the flame.


I will be completely honest, I am not a morning person at ALL! I remember being a kid and my dad trying to wake me up for church on Sunday mornings and I would just roll over and ignore him. He would yank the blanket of my bed and leave the light on and walk away! Leaving me so cold and vulnerable as I hissed at the light like a vampire! My perfect ideal day would start whenever my body naturally would wake up. I will get there soon, once I become a licensed mental health professional and open my own practice (God willing in two years).

The first couple days were difficult, but I saw instant results. I noticed I was more energetic, my brain was more alert throughout the day, and I felt physically relaxed and in tune with my body. The key to success is consistency, confidence, and care (of the self). I now feel so motivated to push myself to set and strive for bigger goals and dreams in my life.

Stay tuned for the following:

  • Starting a movement called CoLoRsCalled tO Lead Others towaRds expresSion
  • Movement Mondays! Subscribe to my YOUtube Channel to find out more!
  • Updated Instagram page @Colorific_Christina
  • Book in progress =)





7 thoughts on “Being Barely Sane”

  1. This most definitely helped motivate me to take another look at my goals and action plan and wake up early. Something I’ve been itching to do for the past 2 months and haven’t.

    Thanks for this 🙂

    1. Hello Jessica!

      Thank you for taking the time out to read my post! I am so happy to hear that it was able to luminate something in your life. Know that you can do it! You are strong! I am rooting for you!

  2. Dang Christina, you are amazing. I am so proud of you for this. This post not only provokes and challenges me but it encourages me to know I’m not the only one who thinks this way! So many idea racing through my head now. Thank you for your transcperancy! I needed this.

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