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The Weekend Recap # 9

We made it to week nine, dedicated to all of you that have been too busy over the week and want to get a couple of moments to catch up!

This week’s posts:

Summary: This week has been about my trip to St. Louis. I wasn’t able to talk about everything in the way I would like, but St. Louis was a great experience. I met someone that I hope will be my mentor one day and a bunch of great St. Louis artists/activists. I really had a good time and would go back again.

Favorite Post of the Week: The Loving Holy Spirit was my favorite post of the week. Explaining my view on the Holy Ghost and its representation in my life is important.

Personal Lesson: Beauty is in the struggle but without hope, a people die. I met so many people that were fed up with the system but didn’t have a solution for anything else. I really want to show them a future worth living.

Blog Updates: When I have truly busy weeks like last week, I want to build shorter, more direct posts. I am also thinking about finally talking about other topics soon now that I am more confident on my writing.

Personal Update: I’m having a hard time being alone this week. I am struggling with grasping my peace.

Next Week(Tentative):  Not sure…I think I will let this week develop on its own.


As Always,

Turn your brightness up



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