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The Weekend Recap #8

Welcome to the EIGHTH Weekend Recap. Take some time and catch up with some of my most recent works. I do a general update on the blog, life, myself, and personal growth with a preview for the next week. Enjoy!

This week’s posts:

Summary: This week was a lot of me trying to be spontaneous and embracing God’s will in my life. I made new Muslim friends, reflected on my growth with dealing with the LGBT Community, Sacrifice & Surrendering to God’s Will, and my thoughts on how music consumption has changed over the years. I also started a new Vintage Vibes segment to keep things fresh.

Favorite Post of the Week: Faith is Surrender might be my favorite but Not So Different also made a huge impact on me. I also had some additional get experiences that I will share next week.

Personal Lesson: Surrendering to God and letting Him control is a powerful tool, but it still is scary to do. Trust the Process.

Blog Updates: I might have a surprise coming in a few weeks as I continue to expand the Magnificent Minds Brand. I will keep it under wraps until then.

Personal Update: I met some amazing people this past week in my program, taught a full length class, and will be doing some research this week. I stepped out on faith a lot recently and I am a little nervous about me overstepping my boundaries or not being in God’s will. I pray that He continues to mold me and I will continue to listen.

Next Week(Tentative):  Honestly, this next week may be completely spontaneous. I am going to St. Louis for research so we shall see what comes out. I am planning on at least one more post about Islam and Christianity from personal experience, a post on Spontaneity in Christ, Bryson Tiller’s True to Self Album, and more.


As Always,

Turn your brightness up



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