The Weekend Recap #7

Welcome to the second Weekend Recap. This is for all of you that have been too busy over the week and want to get a couple moments to catch up!

NUMBER SEVEN!!! The Weekend Recap has returned so quickly. This is for all of you that have been too busy over the week and want to get a couple of moments to catch up!

This week’s posts:

Summary: This week was a lot about lessons. I focused on my view of God’s forgiveness, repentance, and consequences for our actions. I shared some steps to get started blogging from my first few months. I touched on my recent understanding to not worry about the financial gains for picking my career. I also had my first upfront and personal experience with Male Privilege…it was weird. Then I finished up the week starting a conversation on streaming’s effect on music and Smino’s Blkswn album.

Favorite Post of the Week: My post on Consequences had to be my favorite of the week. It was a concept I’ve been trying to understand for some time and it came out pretty well to me.

Personal Lesson: No matter how far I’ve come, there is so much I have to learn. Oppression is a horrible thing that must be actively addressed daily. Ignoring it only makes it stronger.

Blog Updates: I have a few people working on visitor posts, I’d love to have other bloggers submit.

Sidenote: WordPress made some strange update that when I’m previewing my posts, they make me watch an ad. It’s a horrible idea. I hate it.

Personal Update: I have been able to sleep even more than in past weeks. I want to start slowly piecing my academic life back together and a fog is definitely lifting. I am content with where I am at life and am thankful for all my supporters.

Next Week(Tentative): Presentation Pro-Tips, Defining Parenthood for an Absent Mother’s Return, Streaming’s Effect on Music Pt. 2, Bryson Tiller’s True to Self Album, and more.


As Always,

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Author: MilesMichael

I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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