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The Weekend Recap #5

On to week number five for Weekend Recap. This is for all of you that have been too busy over the week and want to get a couple of moments to catch up!

This week’s posts:

Summary: This week has been filled with trying to get comfortable with myself. I spent most of this week reflecting on music, the outside world, and my internal workings. I spoke on slowing down to listen, not just talking to God. I reflected on Wale’s new place in life and goals with Shine. I shared Anu’s new prosthetic leg and Syd’s stellar debut Fin. I also spoke on how it is okay to not have everything together and my complications with medication.

Favorite Post of the Week: Medication Hesitation was my personal favorite because I really needed to be vulnerable and got some really supportive suggestions.

Personal Lesson: Everything has its place in the process, including falling apart sometimes to be put back together.

Blog Updates: I’m trying to decide on a format for shorter, motivational posts. If anyone has any examples or favorites, I’m open to suggestions.

Personal Update: Going to get checked out for my medication complications this week. Pray for me!

Next Week(Tentative): Consequences, To Potential Bloggers, New Year’s Check In, Smino’s Blkswn Review, and more.


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