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The Weekend Recap #4

Welcome to the fourth Weekend Recap. This is for all of you that have been too busy over the week and want to get a couple of moments to catch up!

This week’s posts:

Summary: This week was a transition week. My new medication is kicking in and causing all sorts of things in my mind to go haywire. Yet, I’m starting to get it under control and balance out. I am creating a new normal for myself with incorporating personal goals of exercising, eating, sleeping, and reading my Bible. I also gave up alcohol after a lot of personal reflection about my Dad.

As for Shine, Wale’s new release, it’s an album with the goal of connecting to everyone. However, in the process, I think He disconnected himself from fans like myself. Not an album for me in the long run.

Favorite Post of the Week: Reading the Bible. Just because I picture myself still developing and updating this in the future as I grow.

Personal Lesson: Learning yourself is vital to your survival adulting. Knowing how you function best and what to do to make yourself happy is important. Being able to define your own limits and listen to your heart is essential to true self-actualization.

Blog Updates: I am ready to start the new schedule.  I moved movies to Fridays and added editorials. I also decided that whenever I have trouble with the post for the day, to allow myself the freedom to do a Miscellaneous Magnificence post.

Personal Update: My anxiety is going down but now I have a lot of academic writing to catch up on. I am also searching for Ph.D programs to apply to in the Fall. I might even try some new fields to see what makes me happy.

Next Week: Talking to God, Potential Bloggers, Good News, New Years Check-In, Medication Hesitation, and a Syd – Fin Album Review


Turn your brightness up



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