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The Weekend Recap #2

Welcome to the second Weekend Recap. This is for all of you that have been too busy over the week and want to get a couple moments to catch up!

This week’s posts:

Favorite Post of the Week: It’s a toss up between Celibacy and Writing Music. It meant a lot to be honest about my past with Celibacy, Virginity, and dealing with Lust. I also really enjoyed the format of giving my methods and the format of creating advice posts.

Summary: This week was subconsciously about letting go of old habits and bettering yourself. In the difficult process of that change, the biggest difference between success and failure is how you think. My commitment to going all in with God has really started to change my heart. I see it physically, mentally, and the new opportunities God is creating for me. My uncle called this process sanctification. God starts pushing you to grow and preparing you for His use.

Personal Lesson: “Give God the reins and He will take you to places you never dreamed. Warning: May be MANY miles away from your original destination.”

Blog Updates: I am considering dedicating one day a week to blogging piece by piece of whatever book I decide to write. I haven’t even decided on what the book will be about yet, so that is a long way off.

Music and Movie reviews might find a home on Fridays.

I am still looking for some guest bloggers and reader’s choice suggestions.

Personal Update: All three of the scenarios I mentioned in Resting in Him over Striving Alone fell through. However, as I am truly resting in Him, I know something better is being created for me. I’m open to some newer options for me this summer.

Next Week: Jonah and the Whale, No Cursing, Eating Right, Exercising Daily, No Alcohol, and another Friday Vibe.


Turn your brightness up



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