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The Weekend Recap #1 (Updated)

Today is the beginning of another new segment on Everything’s Magnificent, The Weekend Recap. Once a week, I will give brief updates and summaries on Everything’s Magnificent. You can catch up with past posts and get a preview for the next week.

[Editor’s Note: Schedule Portion was modified to reflect new addition.]

This week’s posts:

Summary: This week contained more life realizations about the person I want to be than anything else. I have decided to further explore singlehood and commit to my personal development even further. The biggest lesson I’ve learned this week is to be appreciative of what you have versus what you don’t. I feel like that’s the key to success in life. I was also blown away by Kendrick Lamar’s newest album feeling complete and the experience being movie like and enjoyed seeing Noname perform for NPR.

Blog Updates: In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I learned how to use Photoshop *cheers*. I created a new logo for the blog (The old one was using an online logo creator.) and decided on a more concrete direction I want to go with my writing. I also updated my About Me page (Magnificent Miles). I haven’t completely decided on a final writing schedule but I just posted a schedule on the main page. Finding a good place between predictability and flexibility is always difficult but let’s try this for a while.

Next Week: Relationships with God, Celibacy, Drink More Water, Return to Writing Music, Writing More in General, and a new Friday Vibe. New schedule starts the first week in May.

Turn your brightness up


What do you guys think about the new logo and images? Any particular days you were a fan of in the schedule? Do you like the branding? Let me know in the comments below.

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